2016-09-19 00:15:32 by Andrew-Kauervane


I promise you fine folks, I am returning. Here is some new proof. Stay tuned.

comin' round halloween time

MONSTRO. : new film 2009

Andrew Kauervane enters NG Halloween 2008

2008-09-09 21:54:46 by Andrew-Kauervane

Production has yet again begun on another experimental whirlwind for Newgrounds Halloween 2008 Contest. More sneak peeks in due time.

Andrew Kauervane enters NG Halloween 2008

Since the beginning of October I have been working on an entry for this years contest, here is a screencap from the movie. I would say I'm about halfway done. Here's to hoping I finish in time:

Andrew Kauervane is entering Newgrounds Halloween 2007

The second season has been in production since June, so expect to see brand new episodes of "My GOD, Robots!" in the very near future! That is all for now.

-Andrew Kauervane

My GOD, Robots! Season 2 is on the way!